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Modern Fit Solbiati King Cotton Tan Khaki Pant -
Modern Fit Solbiati King Cotton Tan Khaki Pant -

Modern Fit Solbiati King Cotton Tan Khaki Pant, $ 250.00

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Item 6035-15 KP03

This is the first cotton pant offered by Hardwick in the new King Cotton Khaki collection, and features the finest long spun cotton available, woven by the world famous Biella, Italy-based Solbiati mill.

The collection, inspired by the company's southern heritage, references the title of an 1895 musical piece by John Phillip Sousa: the King Cotton March, and represents these impeccably crafted pants' status as the finest khakis on the market. They pair perfectly with our Chairman's Collection Vitale Barberis 1880 Blazer.

The product of a passionate quest on the part of our Design team, inspired by our Chairman's vision to build the "best khaki pants money can buy", these luxurious khaki pants are the softest, most perfectly-fitting chino in the market, and are the everyday pant of our discerning Chairman himself. One test drive and you'll know why.

Made In America

Since JULY 28, 1880

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