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Showcase Retailer Series: Fitzgerald's Men's Store

Showcase Retailer Series: Fitzgerald's Men's Store

Over the course of our more than 137 year existence,...


Over the course of our more than 137 year existence, the lone constant, aside from our dogged commitment to remaining Made in America for the entirety of it, is change. Styles and cuts come and go. Colors and patterns fall in and out of favor. Materials advance and recede, and what is old is new again.

But in spite of, or perhaps because of, this constant change, we set our watches to several dearly held beliefs that are the foundation for what we do every day: do what you love, do it to the best of your ability, and do it alongside folks with a similar commitment to excellence.

Fitz suits

There is perhaps no other industry where the latter point rings truer than in the world of tailored clothing. Our impeccably crafted product is just an idea without the support, expertise, and commitment to customer service of our best in class retail accounts. Serving up an intimate, tailor made, perfectly suited customer experience, our partners help bring out the best elements of what we strive to do: the fit, the fabric, and that finishing touch.

Fitz sleeves

We are proud to partner with some of the most legendary, often generations-old tailored clothing purveyors in the business, and to highlight the best of the best, where we are certain customers will receive the outright finest shopping experience on offer.

Fitz shine

Up first in our Showcase Retailer series is Fitzgerald’s Men's Store, a legacy men's clothing store, in one of the Midwest’s best, most bustling fine menswear markets: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fitz door

Offering a renowned, customer-centric approach, the staff at Fitzgerald’s are true professionals, who utterly love not only what they do, but whom they represent in doing it. This locally-focused, family-centric approach has helped Fitz’s evolve into a true next-generation menswear shop, complete with a stylish new home to boot. We are proud to offer a wide range of Hardwick’s finest tailored clothing through our knowledgeable, customer-focused, nattily-attired partners at Fitz’s, for now and generations ahead.

Find them in our Store Locator, or visit them at for more info.

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