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What We're Wearing: Summer Blends

What We're Wearing: Summer Blends

  Seems sometimes that the more access we have to...



Seems sometimes that the more access we have to space age polymers, wicking-weave this and Gore-Tex that, the more the original performance fiber – wool – solidifies its grip on the title of most formidable fabric. This is certainly the case in tailored clothing, where even the most fantastical fibers simply wouldn’t pass muster for the world class design and impeccable make of our tailored clothing silhouettes.

Lets face it, for as much as you are probably looking for breathability and moisture-wicking properties in your activewear synthetics, that fresh out-the-gym look has no place at your buddy’s wedding, or your niece’s graduation, or in front of the regional partners, giving the quarterly strategy presentation.

And yet occasions like these still happen plenty often in the hottest of climes, and, nearly as much as any workout, call for breathability and freedom of movement, while still showcasing the old world craftsmanship of our impeccably made tailored garments.

Enter the thoughtful sourcing, ingenious fabrics, and intelligent design of our spring line. Built for warm weather, yet crafted entirely of wool, these garments showcase the natural versatility that keeps its wearers as cool and dry in the daytime sun as it does their better halves warm and well-watched in the cool of night.

The key is the open weave of the fabric itself, offering natural breathability that only non-man-made fibers can. Add to that smartly-chosen weights in thoughtfully-engineered blends of wool, linen, and silk, a selection of bright and light colors, and the barely-there construction of our magnificently-made soft shoulder and 3/8 lining, and these wool sport coats provide performance as stand-out as their style.

Dress the part and steal the show, and stay cool while doing so, in one of our Limited Edition summer blend sport coats today.


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