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Little Big Things: Buttoned Up

Little Big Things: Buttoned Up

Part of what drives Hardwick’s desire to deliver the most...


Part of what drives Hardwick’s desire to deliver the most thoughtfully-selected, well-designed, impeccably made product in the Made in America tailored clothing game is a personal passion for the finer details of style – the micro level details that separate truly special style from the many also-rans. The little things that make a big difference.

One area in which we spend an obsessively inordinate amount of time is buttons. The hallmark of the most best garments in our space, the right buttons, thoughtfully applied to a well-made jacket, are like a well cared-for and freshly-polished pair of shoes: they are what sets apart the wheat from the chaff, and make or break the whole ensemble.

Take the custom-made Italian horn buttons on our gorgeous and versatile Reda Mills Super 120’s Hopsack Weave Italian Wool 660 blazer: a jacket so well put together, a fabric so perfectly suited for this marvel of stylish versatility, nearly any button would have made for a fine jacket. But by the same token, a jacket this perfect demands more: the subtle elegance of the rich ebony buttons, with just a kiss of ivory streaked randomly, naturally on each individual specimen, the perfect old-meets-new match for this one-of-a-kind garment.

Add to that the stylish, extra-little-something detailing of kissing buttons along the cuffline, and what would with other makers be just another navy blazer is perhaps the most subtly outstanding garment in your closet.

And that’s not the end of it – the soft sheen of mother-of-pearl on our 560 H-Tech Blazer, or the custom-designed 18K gold-tone buttons on our 1880 Blazer, all painstakingly applied, by hand, by well-trained American artisans, right here in our Cleveland, Tennessee factory – just the way they have been for the past 138 years.

Sometimes an old approach ends up feeling like the newest of the new. And sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. In the style game, long live the perpetual paradox.


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