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Great design starts with a quest for the perfect materials. That's why The Chairman of Hardwick Clothes began looking for the finest fabrics the moment the company changed hands after 134 years. He announced his intention to create the south's best blazer with better fabric and better buttons. Then he painstakingly reviewed the work of others for the tactile feel, the quality, and the design of what would become "The Best Blazer in the South."

The Chairman's goal was to create a blazer that exceeded the quality of the most expensive men's blazer, but reduced the cost. As part of his research, he ordered custom navy blazers from the finest menswear manufacturers in the world including Solemare, Hickey Freeman, Brioni, Hart Schaffner & Marx, Southwick, and Oxxford, leaving him with the finest navy blazer collection in the South. He concluded that the hand-sewn $4,000 Oxxford blazer contained the finest materials after he had waited 18 weeks for delivery.

Then he visited fabric agents across New York City (traveling via the company Falcon 900) who represented the best Italian mills, in order to find the exclusive Vitale Barberis Canonico Revenge Super 150's Wool that is used for the exterior of our blazer and the custom woven jacquard Bemberg fabric that lines the interior. Next he created the historic Hardwick button, partnering with Tiger Button out of New York City. When asked to choose the button color, he requested that it perfectly match his Rolex Yacht-Master. After securing the finest components, he gave them to famous menswear designer Jeffery Diduch to create a true masterpiece. With The Chairman's unprecedented eye for detail, (which you can see on display at his home, Creekridge, by clicking here) and Jeffery's unmatched skill as an artist they have fashioned a blazer that defies expectations.

Common sense will tell you that machine stitching outperforms hand-stitching in precision and durability, which is why every item we produce is machine stitched. Factor in the average 14 years experience each of our operators has plus the latest in equipment, and you have a product that defines luxury at a reasonable price.

Finally, The Chairman had found the blueprint for the perfect blazer, which we are proud to present to you as "The Best Blazer in the South" and the 2015 Garden & Gun "Made in the South" Style category winner.

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