Fit Guide



To measure your chest, place a measuring tape horizontally around your body, close up underneath your arms. Check to see that it is centered over your shoulder blades in the back, and over the fullest part of your chest in front. The tape should be neither snug, nor saggy, but relaxed.

The chest measurement will be your coat size, unless your arm measurement is more than six inches longer than your chest measurement. If it is, then subtract six inches from your arm length; this will give you your coat size.


With your arms resting at your sides, wrap the measuring tape horizontally around both arms, one to two inches above the regular chest measurement. The tape should be neither snug, nor saggy, but relaxed.


To ensure that your blazer sleeves are tailored for your social pleasure, measure vertically from close up underneath your arm to your wrist bone. Don’t stretch the tape tight; allow it to rest gently against your arm from underarm to wrist.


A properly-sized blazer just covers the rear; yet, men of a slightly shorter stature (5’ 6” and under) can have the tail stop just a bit higher. Taller men (6’ and taller) can wear their coattails a smidge longer. To the right is our measuring chart for jacket length.



To ensure that your trousers are properly sized, measure around your waist, just below your navel. Place a finger between your body and the measuring tape to ensure maximum comfort.


To ensure a properly fitted trouser seat, wrap the measuring tape around the seat at the fullest point. The tape should be relaxed enough to slide.


Measure around your left knee at its widest point. Be sure to include the kneecap in your measurement.