The Chairman's Choice

In addition to being a staunch believer in the value of keeping manufacturing jobs here in America, and the value of hard work, our Chairman also appreciates the inherent value of investing in quality, and the lasting value of well sourced materials.

Such is the case with our Chairman's Collection blazers and khakis. The fruit of a personal vision quest on the part of our Chairman and Owner to create the best blazer and khakis - the go-to uniform of the Southern gentleman - in the world, the collection is painstakingly sourced from the finest, most luxurious materials available, and crafted right here in Cleveland, TN.

An heirloom quality blazer, in rich Vitale Barberis Canonico Super 150’s wool, fully lined with silken crimson Bemberg lining, with custom buttons matching the tone of our Chairman’s own 18K gold Rolex Yachtmaster, and khakis made from buttery soft Solbiati cotton, widely considered the finest cotton material in the textile world - truly the finest there is. 

In a world of increasing throwaway fashion and decreasing disposable income, the lasting value of thoughtfully-sourced, finely-crafted apparel is ever more paramount. The finest materials in the world, the best artisan grade make: our Chairman's Collection redefines the greatness of American Made.

Truly the finest...

Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming