If we can make it there...

We've had many ebbs and flows as both a brand and a business over our 137 years. Surviving Recessions and Depressions, riding out booms and busts alike - our ability to evolve to meet changes in the marketplace and ever-more dynamic customer demand is truly unrivaled. 

But even given all those successes, few have had us as proud or as excited as our new Retail partnership with legendary New York City fashion retailer, and fellow heritage American original, SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.

Coming on the heels of their new store opening in the breathtaking Brookfield Place in lower Manhattan, SAKS has set about revamping their tailored clothing presentation and merchant sensibility to capture what is a growing market of younger consumers entering the market from a position of 'want' (personal fashion dressing and weekend wear) as opposed to 'need' (daily corporate workwear).

Aligning off our shared histories as legacy names in the retail game (Hardwick since 1880, SAKS since 1898), a common view of the importance of Made in America, and a shared vision of the importance of this customer for the next phase of our brands' lives, we proudly took on the challenge of creating a garment that would help them redefine their positioning and capture new market share. 

Landing our new Trim Fit (C body) was a coup for the "new" Hardwick, and proof positive that we have the garment-making, styling, and brand positioning needed to help a heavy-hitter like SAKS make a run at a new, more fashion-conscious tailored clothing consumer. 

America's Oldest...or in this case, TWO of America's Oldest. 256 years between us. And just getting started.

SAKS x Hardwick

Chris Fleming
Chris Fleming