Does your Suit or Blazer Fight Criminals?

    We're proud of our heritage, but it takes more than that to produce a quality product in the USA for 136 years. A big part of our success is because of need to constantly challenge the status quo of tailored clothing. And we do that through innovation. 

H-Tech Privacy Pocket

    Our commitment to this idea resulted in the release of our new H-Tech Collectiona range of performance products that increase the ease-of-care, comfort, and safety of the person wearing it.

    And it just so happens others took notice as we were announced as a 2016 Top Innovator in the clothing industry by Apparel Magazine. Here are a few things they had to say:

"Stolen identity. It's something we all fear, and it's on the rise. If you've ever had your credit card or other ID stolen, you know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to get your affairs back in order.

And if you're a guy in a sharp-looking suit, well, heck, you're probably an even more valuable target. Today, technology provides more opportunities for the bad guys to pilfer your data — but also more opportunities for the good guys to stay one step ahead."

Enter Hardwick Clothes, America's oldest maker of tailored clothing, whose latest offering is the first of its kind in the industry. The clothing maker partnered with Germany-based Kufner on a made-for-textiles version of the Faraday cage — designed to block electric fields — realizing its potential to provide a layer of security in suit coat and blazer pockets, where men carry their wallets. Hardwick obtained the exclusive rights in North America for the technology from Kufner, which originally developed related technology for the German military. If you're wearing one of its high-end H-Tech suits or blazers, no one can skim the data from your credit card.

It's an innovation worthy of James Bond. The technology, dubbed the Hardwick H-Tech Privacy Pocket, is the latest development from the 136-year-old company, which boasts a long history of adapting to change. Its 175,000-square-foot facility features a high-tech testing and collaborative design space — a facility more typical of Silicon Valley than the Smokey Mountains."

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Amber Cooper
Amber Cooper