Spend this Halloween in a Hardwick

Need help finding the perfect Halloween costume? We’ve put together five costume ideas that will ensure you have a Hardwick Halloween.

Hardwick Ron Burgundy Blazer“Anchorman’s” Ron Burgundy had “suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo” – he must’ve had a closet full of Hardwick! Sport a mustache, a grape Bristol sport coat, and a voice so smooth that you can make a “wolverine purr,” and sweep Veronica Corningstone off her feet.

Don Draper sporting a Hardwick SuitAre you the top dog at a Manhattan advertising firm? Would you like to be? Well, you can give it a test run as “Mad Men’s” Don Draper. Dress like Draper with Hardwick’s grey sharkskin Hamilton suit jacket and Somerset trousers.

Hardwick Golf BlazerFew men ever play on the PGA Tour, and even fewer ever win the Master’s. But on Halloween you can be one of them. Look like you just shot a 62 with our Augusta Green Regent jacket. 

Hardwick Suits

You can dress like Mike Ross and Harvey Specter from "Suits" without having to pass the bar exam. Dress like a legal stud this year with our charcoal Hamilton  jacket.



James BondGrab your license to kill and suit up as the classic lady-killer, James Bond, this Halloween. Introduce yourself last name first in a navy Regent blazer from Hardwick.   

Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith