Hardwick’s 134th Anniversary - Founding Fine Taste

In 1880, America was rebuilding herself after the War Between the States ripped through counties and homes. Hardwick Clothes, sewn in the reconstructed South, gave many American men something tasteful to wear as they refashioned their lives and their fortunes.

Hardwick began sewing its clothing in 1880 in Cleveland, TN, USA. America was a very different place 134 years ago. Sewing machines were used to sew flags with 38 stars in those days, and that is the flag that billowed above Hardwick Clothes when it made its first blazer.

1880 American Flag, By Steve Crump

On July 28, 2014, the 1880 American flag (shown above in a photo by Steve Crump) will be hoisted up the flagpole outside Hardwick to celebrate its 134th birthday. 134 years ago, the winds of reconstruction and changing fortune kept the cloth stretched out against the sky. Now, as Hardwick looks back upon its past and forward to its future, the winds of legacy and loyalty keep the fabric afloat.

 Sewn in the South since 1880

Hardwick Clothes
Hardwick Clothes