Theres No Wick Like a Hardwick

Hardwick Clothes has been adorning the Southern gentleman with the subtleties of refined taste for more than 130 years. In 1880, the respectable, southern gentleman could be seen with his grandfather's pocket watch in his hand and a Hardwick cuff on his wrist. 

Many things have changed in the past century and a half, but the word gentleman still brings to mind men of respect, reputation, and regal character. Taste is the mark of the gentleman, and his reputation is preserved by a creative conservatism that tethers him to his ancestors and ensures his relevance for the future.

Hardwick has been through two fires, two World Wars, the Great Depression, and leisure suits. As an American company that designs, sews, and sells its clothing in America, Hardwick’s legacy and reliability are as durable as the men it clothes.

So, gentlemen, we invite you to join us at You will hear tales from Hardwick’s storied past, and learn how to lay claim to the legacy.

 Sewn in the South since 1880

Jake Cremer
Jake Cremer