November 23, 2015

Jeffery Diduch

Behind the Scenes

Model: Jeffery Diduch, age 41, if he had been born in America he would have been a 1974 turkey.
Hometown: Quebec, Canada
Blazer: Super-150’s All-Wool Blazer woven in Huddersfield, England, by the Hardy Minnis mill, holders of a royal warrant issued by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This blazer is currently in production and should be available soon!

Born and raised in Canada, Jeffery has lived throughout world, and most recently left Chicago to head south to the second largest Cleveland. He moved from a high rise condo in downtown Chicago to his own version of Tara in Cleveland, Tennessee Occasionally he’s been known to ride a Vespa to work from his mansion of Tara, yet he is still learning the subtleties of operating a riding lawn mower.

While kids in Cleveland, Tennessee grew up playing backyard football and basketball, kick the can and collecting Christmas trees, Jeffery stayed busy making patterns and sewing. This talent and knowledge has led him to be featured as an expert on clothing manufacturing and design for the Discovery Channel among other programs.

He’s won five international design awards to his credit and is the current president of the Southern chapter of the IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives), or locally referred to as I’m Allan’s Cleveland Designer.

In addition to his tailoring ability, Jeffery is a noted Mensa, meaning his intelligence ranks above the 99th percentile. It’s no surprise he’s fluent in five languages, but he’s still trying to master east Tennessee twang.

Jeffery is a trained opera singer and concert pianist to boot.  He has been very impressed with the musical talent at Cleveland’s own Lee University, including recent performances at the dedication of Pangle Hall, which is named after the owner’s wife, Janie Pangle Jones.

In his spare time he writes for his successful blog, and has been published in multiple publications, including the esteemed Cleveland Daily Banner.

If a little Jewish boy from Brooklyn can design the best known wasp-y collection of clothing, there may be hope yet for a Canadian yankee in King Cotton’s Cleveland.

Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith