Rob Pierce

Behind the Scenes

Model: Rob Pierce, age 52, born before the ball dropped in 1962.
Hometown: Starke, Florida
Blazer: Charcoal Knit Sport Coat

Rob discovered that he had lint in his blood early in life, being voted Best Dressed in high school. Born and raised in Stark, Florida he can say Ted Bundy was a neighbor as the Florida State Prison was just down the street; it’s a good thing Rob’s father was a judge. Along with interesting neighbors, he spent many leisurely days growing up water skiing with water moccasins and alligators in the water.

Snakes & gators & Bundy, oh my!

No wonder he moved to Cleveland, Tennessee. Here he met a Cleveland girl and began a career with Hardwick in 1988 as the customer service manager. He soon transitioned into a sales role where he traveled the Virginias and the Carolinas for 10 years. During this time he also served as a member of the Men’s Apparel Group of the Carolinas and was elected to the group as President in 1999.

After cutting his teeth on the road, he ended up back in the plant in 2004, where he got involved in merchandising and still is to this day. Although merchandising is hardly his only job: he is often referred to as an all around utility player around the plant with his “can do” and “get done” attitude.


With nearly 30 years at Hardwick and a variety of jobs, his favorite part of the business has remained constant: the people.

On a personal note, his daughter was recently married last summer, which may partly explain why in the words of his father, Judge Pierce, he’s ‘still doing time’ in the apparel business.

A little known fact that Rob is known for his unusual ability to imitate Katherine Hepburn from On Golden Pond with renditions of Happy Birthday to employees. Typically, Jeffery doesn’t join in.

Brandy Smith
Brandy Smith