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From modest beginnings in 1880 and through the changing face of fashion, Hardwick Clothes American Made Men's Wear continues to prevail as the oldest privately held apparel manufacturer in America. Hardwick is an honest, all-American enterprise, offering Made in America men’s blazers, sport coats, suit separates and pants that are true to size and style. Men's suits, blazers, sports coats and pants that are made in the USA have never looked and felt better than they do when created by the experts at Hardwick. Hardwick truly is America's men's suit maker.


Spend this Halloween in a Hardwick

October 21, 2014

Need help finding the perfect Halloween costume? We’ve put together five costume ideas that will ensure you have a Hardwick Halloween. “Anchorman’s” Ron Burgundy had “suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo” – he must’ve had a closet full of Hardwick! Sport a mustache, a grape Bristol sport coat, and a voice so smooth that you can make a “wolverine purr,” and sweep Veronica Corningstone off her feet.                Copyright 2013 Paramount Pictures Are you the top dog at a Manhattan advertising firm? Would you like to be? Well, you can give it a test run as... Continue Reading →

An Awkward Autumn Moment

October 15, 2014

Jim Jenkins kisses his wife on the cheek as he heads out the door. “Going to buy a blazer, sweetie. Be back in a bit.” “Remember, Jimmy, I can’t resist you in black,” Millie calls after him. Several hours pass when Millie hears a loud rumbling in the drive. She turns to look out the curtains. There’s Jim, beaming as he inspects his new Chevy Trailblazer. Millie jumps up and slings open the door. “James, what on earth is this?” “A new blazer for hunting season,” he replies. “And it’s black – as you requested…” he said with a wink. With that, Millie turns on her heel and walks back in the house, slamming the door behind her. Geez,... Continue Reading →